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Which Sunglass Lens Color is Best?

In Arizona sunglasses are more than stylish - a necessasity. With the sunny bright days and perfect weather wearing sunglasses is for everyone. Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage and those pesty winkles caused from squinting. Perhaps more importantly, sunglasses to protect your eyes. The same harmful rays that damage skin can also increase your risk of developing eye problems, such as cataracts--a clouding of the eye's lens that develops over years.

In addition to the style of sunglasses consider the darkness of the lens. Some perfere lightly colored lenses while others need dark lenses. It is personal comfort issue realtive to how sensitive your eyes are to the bright sun. Polarized lenses are very helpful to reduce the glare while driving and around water. Tint is mainly a matter of personal preference but some colors can help you perform better in certain activities.

Activities and Sunglass Color Recomendations

Activity Recommended Color Comments
Baseball Gray or Green with Polarized It will highlight the ball against the sky or grass.
Cycling Gray, Green, or Brown with Polarized Brown enhance contrast.
Driving Gray or Brown with Polarized Use as dark as needed for driving comfort. Polarized is a must for road glare.
Fishing Brown, Amber or Gray with Polarized Polarized is a must. Brown for fresh water and gray for open salt water.
Golf Brown The ball needs to be highlighted against the sky and grass.
Motorcycling Gray, Brown, or Green with Polarized Brown enhances contrast which is key at high speeds. Polarized is very helpful with road glare.
Skiing Yellow, Orange or Brown with Polarized Help with contrast in weather conditions
Tennis Yellow or Orange with Polarized Yellow lense will pick up the yellow ball better and lines.
Water Sports Polarized Polarized lenses reduce light scatter off water.