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Are You a Good Candidate?
Considering to have LASIK is a very important decision. You only have two and you want the best. That is why we treat each patient like a family member. Each patient becomes part of our happy LASIK family.

The beginning criteria for a LASIK patient is someone who is over 18 and has healthy corneas with a relatively stable prescription. There is no upper age limit. The average age of patients having LASIK is about 40. People with certain medical conditions or pregnant may not be good candidates. Candidates should also have a good understanding of the risks and rewards from LASIK.

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate is to arrange a complimentary consultation. During the evaluation, Dr. Brems will evaluate your eyes and answer any question you may have.

Dr. Brems has helped thousands of individuals just like you with LASIK. Most of them were very nervous also. Dr. Brems takes a personal approach with his patients. He will be the one who examines your eyes and personally answers your questions. He is the one who will do the surgery and follow along with you. Your eyes deserve the best. That is why Dr. Brems is certified by the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurances (CRSQA).

What to Expect on the Day of Your Procedure
You will be given some relaxing medicine and eye drops. You will be here in the office a little over one-hour. The laser will be treating each eye for less than a minute. Once the procedure is over you will sit up and be able to use your eyes. Your vision will be blurry at first but usually good enough to see the clock across the room. That night your eyes will feel a little scratchy. By the next morning your eyes will feel close to normal and usually seeing well enough to drive.

What to Do Next
Call and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brems at 602-200-0770 or request a Free LASIK Consult online
How to Afford LASIK

Dr. Brems is on most insurance plans. Unfortunately, most insurance plans will not pay for LASIK. We strive to keep the cost of LASIK as affordable as possible and offer the best value. We accept all of the normal forms of payment and offer affordable financing options with Care Credit. Visit their web site and you can apply online.( There are some insurance plans that may help pay for LASIK surgery. We participate with Vision Service Plan (VSP), EyeMed, and Spectera as one of their LASIK surgery providers.