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The Ultimate Safe LASIK
The latest development in LASIK surgery is Epi-LASIK or called Surface LASIK. It is called Epi or Surface LASIK because we only work on the surface of the eye. The advantages of Surface LASIK are safer, less chance for dry eye and infection. It also has opened the door to help patients with strong glasses or thin corneas. It is a significant step forward in laser vision correction.

How Does Epi-LASIK Work?
To understand LASIK we need to look closely at the front structure of the eye the cornea. With LASIK we need to make changes to the curvature of the cornea. For someone who is nearsighted we need to make the cornea flatter. The laser carefully reshapes the cornea and makes it less curved. With standard LASIK an instrument is used to make a thin flap or layer from the front of the cornea.

This flap is then lifted and moved out of the way and the laser can treat the deeper permanent layers of the cornea. With Epi-LASIK only the thin sheet of cells that cover the cornea are separated and lifted from the permanent structure of the cornea. Normally this thin sheet of cells is constantly replacing itself every few weeks.

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How to Afford LASIK

Dr. Brems is on most insurance plans. Unfortunately, most insurance plans will not pay for LASIK. We strive to keep the cost of LASIK as affordable as possible and offer the best value. We accept all of the normal forms of payment and offer affordable financing options with Care Credit. Visit their web site and you can apply online. ( There are some insurance plans that may help pay for LASIK surgery. We participate with Vision Service Plan (VSP), EyeMed, and Spectera as one of their LASIK surgery providers.

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Certified LASIK Surgeon

Dr. Brems was the first LASIK surgeon in Arizona to become certified. You can be confident you are being cared for by the best.

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