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How Are Your Eyes?
Our eyes and sight are one of the most precious things. Usually, we all take our eyes for granted. For most people, each day our eyes do their job and cause no symptoms or complaints. Unfortunately problems can occur and make us appreciate this wonderful sense - our sight.

Our eyes are very delicate and complex. A whole medical specialty is trained and devoted to the care of this precious sense. In this web site we have highlighted a few more common eye problems. It is not intended to replace good medical care or cover all eye problems. Its purpose is to inform and help patients better understand the eye problems they may have.

Six Steps to Healthy Eyes
arrow Have a thorough eye examination every year.
arrow Eat a healthy diet with at least five fruits and vegetables a day.
arrow Load up on green leafy vegetables like spinach.
arrow Wear sunglasses with maximum ultraviolet protection (block 99-100% of UV-A and UV-B rays).
arrow Take good care of your general health, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Be alert for symptoms indicating a need for prompt examination - blurred or distorted vision, new floaters or flashing lights, pain in the eye, squinting, or eye irritation.