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Insurance Plans

The insurance "puzzle" has become very challenging for everyone involved. Most patients are in the dark about their insurance benefits and how to navigate through their plans. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the various insurance plans and being able to assist you. Most patients don't realize that their medical insurance will cover any medical eye problem. You do not need to have vision insurance for medical eye problems. There are several basic types of insurance that we participate with:

Standard Insurance: (You can choose your doctor and don't need a referral) We participate with all insurance plans of this type.
PPO Insurance: (You can choose your doctor but generally need a referral) We participate with all insurance plans of this type.
HMO Insurance: (You are required to see a doctor in the HMO Plan) We participate with several plans but it is very specific and it would be best to call our office to confirm if we are on your plan.
Medicare: (Generally those over 65 years of age) We participate with medicare fully.
Medicare with Medicare benefits signed over to a HMO: Some people choose to designate all of their Medicare benefit over to a HMO. Generally we do not participate with these plans.
Vision Insurance: (For example, VSP and Eye Med) Some of our doctors participate with these plans. This type of insurance is for eye glasses and contact lenses. If you have any eye problems then your medical insurance covers the exam. Many of these plans will help pay for your LASIK vision correction in our office.
Complete List of Participating Insurance Plans as of April 2010.
(Compare the list to the address on the back of your insurance card. If your insurance plan is not listed here it may be that we have simply not billed to that insurance plan yet.)
Name Address City
21st Century Health And Benefits PO Box 730561 Ormond Beach, FL
AARP Healthcare Options Box 740819 Atlanta, GA
AARP MedicareComplete SecureHorizons PO Box 31362 Salt Lake City, UT
Administrative Enterprises Inc 5810 W Beverly Lane Glendale, AZ
Advanced Benefit Solutions Box 71490 Phoenix, AZ
Advantra Freedom PO Box 67103 Harrisburg, PA
Aetna PO Box 182755 Columbus, OH
Aetna PO Box 14079 Lexington, KY
Aetna Box 981204 El Paso, TX
Aetna PO Box 28030 San Antonio, TX
Aetna PO Box 15708 Boston, MA
Aetna PO Box 981114 El Paso, TX
Aetna PO Box 14586 Lexington, KY
Aetna PO Box 23759 Columbia, SC
Aetna Box 14089 Box 14089 Lexington, KY
Aetna Global Benefits PO Box 30258 Tampa, FL
AETNA Schaller CHW PO Box 14079 Lexington, KY
Aetna US Healthcare Box 981109 El Paso, TX
Aetna US Healthcare Box 981106 El Paso, TX
Aetna US Healthcare Box 981107 El Paso, TX
AHCCCS 3rd Party Admin FED ER Services PO Box 1700 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS APIPA CRS/Personal Care Plus PO Box 5290 Kingston, NY
AHCCCS APIPA United Healthcare PO Box 30990 Salt Lake City, UT
AHCCCS Capstone Health Plan 914 N San Francisco Ste A Flagstaff, AZ
AHCCCS Care 1st AZ 2355 E Camelback Rd Ste 300 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Cigna Community Choice Box 37649 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS CMDP 942C PO Box 29202 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Community Connection Return Mail Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Health Choice AZ 410 N 44th St Ste 900 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Maricopa Care Advantage PO Box 38549 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Maricopa Health Plan 2502 E University Dr Ste 125 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Mercy Care Advantage Box 52089 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Mercy Care Plan Box 52089 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Onecare Medicare Advantage 2355 E Camelback Rd Ste 300 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Phoenix Health Plan 7878n 16th St Ste 105 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Scan LTC Box 61450 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS University Family Care PO Box 35699 Phoenix, AZ
AHCCCS Yavapai Long Term Care 595 White Spar Rd Prescott, AZ
AHCCCS Admin QMB Box 25520 Phoenix, AZ
AIG PO Box 25972 Shawnee Mission, KS
Allied Benefit Systems PO Box 909786-60690 Chicago, IL
Allstate Work Place Div-attn Group Claim PO Box 853916 Richardson, TX
AMA Insurance Agency PO Box 804238 Chicago, IL
AMA Insurance Agency Inc 200 N LaSalle Ste 400 Chicago, IL
Ameraplan 3001 W Big Beaver Rd Troy, MI
Ameriben Solutions Box 7186 Boise, ID
American Benefit Plan Administrators Box 16200 Phoenix, AZ
American Community 39201 Seven Mile Rd Livonia, MI
American Family Ins Co 6000 American Parkway Madison, WI
American Family Ins Group PO Box 21801 Eagan, MN
American Medical Security Box 19032 Green Bay, WI
American Pioneer Life Ins Box 130 Pensacola, FL
American Republic Box 10 Des Moines, IA
American Republic Ins. Co PO Box 21670 Eagan, MN
Americare Ins Box 10 Des Moines, IA
Americare Protection Box 1 Des Moines, IA
Ameritas Life Ins Corp PO Box 82520 Lincoln, NE
APWU PO Box 1358 Glen Burnie, MD
APWU Box 967 Silver Spring, MD
Arizona School Allianz PO Box 33037 Phoenix, AZ
Assoc And Society Ins Corp PO Box 2510 Rockville, MD
Assurant Health PO Box 981652 El Paso, TX
AXA Assistance PO Box 31-0940 Miami, FL
AZ Benefit Options PO Box 30538 Salt Lake City, UT
AZ Benefit Options Harrington Box 785 Pueblo, CO
AZ Foundation For Medical Care Box 2909 Phoenix, AZ
AZ Pipe Trades Health Welfare Trust PO Box 21240 Denver, CO
Bankers Fidelity PO Box 105652 Atlanta, GA
Bankers Life Casualty PO Box 1935 Carmel, IN
Bankers Life Ins Co PO Box 2638 Rockford, IL
Banner Choice Plus Box 16423 Mesa, AZ
BAS LLC 17475 Jovanna Drive Homewood, IL
Beechstreet PO Box 1894 Tacoma, WA
Benefit Systems And Services 760 Pasquinelli Dr Ste 320 Westmont, IL
Blue Cross Blue Shield Box 2924 Phoenix, AZ
Blue Cross Blue Shield Box 1364 Chicago, IL
Boyd Coffee Healthcare Plan PO Box 1400 Portland, OR
Carpenters Health And Welfare Trust PO Box 17973 Los Angeles, CA
CBCA PO Box 9498 Minneapolis, MN
CBCA Administrators Inc PO Box 9888 Savannah, GA
CCN Insurance Center Box 982009 North Richland Hills, TX
Champva Center PO Box 469064 Denver, CO
Charlotte Health Care Service Center PO Box 668587 Charlotte, NC
Child Abuse Assess 2346 N Central Phoenix, AZ
Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust 1205 Windham Parkway Romeoville, IL
Church Mutual 3000 Schuster Ln Merrell, WI
Cigna Healthcare PO Box 5200 Scranton, PA
Cigna Healthcare PO Box 5909 Scranton, PA
Cigna Healthcare PO Box 182223 Chattanooga, TN
Cigna Healthcare PO Box 5710 Scranton, PA
Cigna International PO Box 15050 Wilmington, DE
Cigna Medicare PO Box 22174 Tempe, AZ
Cigna Medicare PFFS PO Box 696018 San Antonio, TX
Cigna Medicare Risk HMO PO Box 38639 Phoenix, AZ
City Of Mesa BC BS PO Box 1466 Mesa, AZ
Compusys Inc Of NM PO Box 26068 Salt Lake City, UT
Conseco Health Ins PO Box 2034 Carmel, IN
Consumer Driven Benefits Assoc PO Box 6080-228 Mission Viejo, CA
Continental General Ins Co Inc PO Box 29136 Shawnee Mission, KS
Continental Life PO Box 1188 Brentwood, TN
CoreSource PO Box 2920 Clinton, IA
Coventry Health Care PO Box 7154 London, KY
Coventry Health Care PO Box 7705 London, KY
Coventry Healthcare PO Box 7797 London, KY
Coventry Healthcare PO Box 8400 London, KY
Coventry Healthplan Services PO Box 24146 Seattle, WA
CR Consulting Inc 1501 Broadway Ste 1724 New York, NY
Definity Health UHC Box 740810 Atlanta, GA
Delta Health Systems PO Box 80 Stockton, CA
Delta Health Systems PO Box 692230 Stockton, CA
Deseret Mutual PO Box 45530 Salt Lake City, UT
EBMS PO Box 21367 Billings, MT
Educators Mutual 852 E Arrowhead Ln Murray, UT
Equitable Life And Casualty 3 Traid Center Ste 200 Salt Lake City, UT
Erisa Admin-AZ Pipe Trades 7000 Broadway Ste 106 Denver, CO
Evercare PO Box 31350 Salt Lake City, UT
Evercare Select PO Box 30995 Salt Lake City, UT
Eyemed Vision PO Box 8504 Mason, OH
Farmers Insurance Exchange PO Box 29054 Phoenix, AZ
First Comp Ins PO Box 3188 Omaha, NE
First Health PO Box 5319 Tampa, FL
First Health PO Box 22169 Tucson, AZ
Fiserv Health PO Box 450 Pueblo, CO
Fiserv Health PO Box 8013 Wausau, WI
Fiserv Health Harrington PO Box 700 Pueblo, CO
GEHA Box 10304 Kansas City, MO
GEHA Box 4665 Independence, MO
General American Great West 719 Teaco Rd Kennett, MO
GHI Box 3000 New York, NY
GHP PO Box 7121 London, KY
Gila River Healthcare PO Box 38 Sacaton, AZ
Gilsbar PO Box 5470 Covington, LA
Gilsbar Inc Box 2947 Covington, LA
Golden Rule 712 Eleven Street Lawrenceville, IL
Golden Rule Insurance 7440 Woodland Dr Indianapolis, IN
Great West 1000 Greatwest Dr Kennett, MO
Group Resources Beechstreet PO Box 100043 Duluth, GA
Guardian PO Box 8007 Appleton, WI
Guardian PO Box 8024 Appleton, WI
Guardian PO Box 26200 Lehigh Valley, PA
Guardian PO Box 8024 Appleton, WI
Healthassurance Attn: Claims PO Box 7088 London, KY
Healthnet Box 14225 Lexington, KY
Healthnet Commercial Claims PO Box 14702 Lexington, KY
Healthpartners PO Box 1289 Minneapolis, MN
Healthpartners PO Box 9463 Minneapolis, MN
HMA Inc 1600 W Broadway Rd Ste 300 Tempe, AZ
Humana PO Box 14603 Lexington, KY
Humana PO Box 14635 Lexington, KY
Humana Gold Choice PO Box 14601 Lexington, KY
Humana PPO PO Box 14610 Lexington, KY
ILWU-PMA Coastwise Claims 814 Mission St Ste 300 San Francisco, CA
IMB PO Box 6767 Richmond, VA
Insurers Administrators Corp PO Box 21456 Saint Paul, MN
John Alden Life Insurance Co Box 1599 Boise, ID
Kaiser Permanente Box 12923 Oakland, CA
Kanawha Healthcare Solutions PO Box 1000 Lancaster, SC
KPIC PHCS PO Box 261155 Plano, TX
Liberty Mutual PO Box 989000 West Sacramento, CA
Life Investors Insurance PO Box 97 Scranton, PA
Lifewise Health Plan AZ Box 91134 Seattle, WA
Lumenos PHCS Box 69309 Harrisburg, PA
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan PO Box 8402 London, KY
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan Box 44242 Jacksonville, FL
MedCare International 12480 W Atlantic Blvd Coral Springs, FL
Medica United Healthcare PO Box 30990 Salt Lake City, UT
Medical Mutual Of Ohio PO Box 6018 Cleveland, OH
Medicare Blue Cross Of ND Box 6704 Fargo, ND
Mennonite Mutual Aid PO Box 483 Goshen, IN
Mercy Healthcare Group PO Box 52089 Phoenix, AZ
Meritain Health PO Box 27725 Minneapolis, MN
Meritain Health CBSA Box 27267 Minneapolis, MN
MMSI 4001 41st Street NW Rochester, MN
Monumental Life Ins PO Box 10439 Fargo, ND
Motorola Medicare Supplement Box 29005 Phoenix, AZ
Mountain States Admin Services PO Box 981693 El Paso, TX
Multiplan PO Box 6090 De Pere, WI
Multiplan Claim Service Center PO Box 1627 Duncan, OK
Multiplan CrossAmerica Health Plan 100 Eagle Rock Ave East Hanover, NJ
Mutual Of Omaha PO Box 3608 Omaha, NE
Mutual Of Omaha Service Center Mutual Of Omaha Plaza Omaha, NE
Myers Stevens Toohey Co Ins 26101 Marguerite Parkway Mission Viejo, CA
National Assoc Of Letter Carriers 20547 Waverly Court Ashburn, VA
National Automatic Sprinkler 8000 Corporate Dr Hyattsville, MD
National Foundation Life PO Box 25326 Overland Park, KS
Northwest Benefits Network 2323 E Lake Ave E Seattle, WA
NTCA Asheville Service Ctr One West Pack Square Asheville, NC
ODS PO Box 4030 Portland, OR
One Health Plan Box 11111 Altoona, KS
Oxford Life Ins Co 2721 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ
P5 Health Plan Solutions PO Box 9554 Salt Lake City, UT
PacifiCare PO Box 6006 Cypress, CA
PacifiCare PO Box 6072 Cypress, CA
PacifiCare Direct Box 659787 San Antonio, TX
PAI PO Box 6702 Columbia, SC
Penn Treaty Network America 3440 Lehigh Street Allentown, PA
Pennsylvania Life Ins Co PO Box 399127 Cambridge, MA
Personal Ins Admin Inc PO Box 6040 Agoura Hills, CA
Physicians Life Mutual PO Box 2018 Omaha, NE
Pinnacle Claims Management PO Box 2220 Newport Beach, CA
Pinnacle Risk Mgt 7500 N Dreamy Draw Phoenix, AZ
Pioneer Life Insurance PO Box 100 Rockford, IL
Pipe Fitters Welfare Fund 597 45 North Ogden Ave Chicago, IL
Preferred Health Systems PO Box 48170 Wichita, KS
Primelink Traveling 535 Griswold St Detroit, MI
Principal Life Ins Co PO Box 39710 Colorado Springs, CO
Principal Life Ins Co PO Box 10826 Clearwater, FL
Professional Benefit Services Inc 2255 N 44th St Ste 250 Phoenix, AZ
Providence Health Plan PO Box 3125 Portland, OR
Public Employee Health 560 East 200 South Salt Lake City, UT
QuikTrip PHCS/multiplan PO Box 733 Buckeystown, MD
Railroad Medicare Palmetto GBA Box 10066 Augusta, GA
Red Rock Correctional Fac 1750 Arica Rd Eloy, AZ
Reserve National Ins Co PO Box 26620 Oklahoma City, OK
Retiree Medical Ins Plan PO Box 10432 Des Moines, IA
Royal Neighbors Of America PO Box 10850 Clearwater, FL
S Central UFCW Health And Welfare 12160 Abrams Rd Ste 201 Dallas, TX
Samba 11301 Old Georgetown Rd Rockville, MD
Secure Horizons UHC Evercare Box 52078 Phoenix, AZ
Secure Horizons PO Box 31353 Salt Lake City, UT
Secure Horizons Medicare Supplemental PO Box 12466 Pensacola, FL
Sedwick PO Box 14493 Lexington, KY
Selecthealth Beechstreet PO Box 30192 Salt Lake City, UT
Sheet Metal Workers Natl Health Fund PO Box 1449 Goodlettsville, TN
Sightcare 220 North McKemy Chandler, AZ
SOI Health Plan PO Box 241508 Charlotte, NC
Specialty Risk Services PO Box 14214 Lexington, KY
Standard Life And Accident Ins Co PO Box 25097 Oklahoma City, OK
Starmark Trustmark PO Box 2942 Clinton, IA
State Comp Fund Of AZ 3030 N 3rd St Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ
State Compensation Box 33069 Phoenix, AZ
State Farm PO Box 339403 Greeley, CO
State Mutual Ins Co PO Box 10857 Clearwater, FL
Sterling PO Box 69314 Harrisburg, PA
Sterling Premier PO Box 5348 Bellingham, WA
SW Service Admin Inc 2400 W Dunlap Ave Ste 240 Phoenix, AZ
The Hartford Claims Exchange PO Box 14170 Lexington, KY
Third Party Administrator PO Box 25160 Scottsdale, AZ
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans 4321 N Ballard Rd Appleton, WI
Time Ins Assurant PO Box 981602 El Paso, TX
Tower Life Ins Co 310 S St Marys Street San Antonio, TX
Transamerica Life Ins PO Box 8043 Little Rock, AR
Travelers Insurance PO Box 29047 Phoenix, AZ
Tricare West Region Champus Box 77028 Madison, WI
Trident Plan Admin First Health 5045 N 12th St Ste A Phoenix, AZ
Trust Fund Office IBEW 4725 N 19th Ave Ste 1 Phoenix, AZ
Tuba City Contract Health PO Box 600 Tuba City, AZ
UFCW Unions And Foods Employers Fund PO Box 6010 Cypress, CA
UHCIC Universal Health Care PO Box 3211 Saint Petersburg, FL
UMR PO Box 30541 Salt Lake City, UT
Unicare PO Box 9090 Oxnard, CA
Unicare PO Box 4458 Chicago, IL
Unicare PO Box 9016 Andover, MA
Unicare PO Box 60099 Los Angeles, CA
Unicare Life And Health PO Box 795180 San Antonio, TX
Uniform Medical Plan PO Box 34850 Seattle, WA
United American Ins Co Box 810 Dallas, TX
United American Insurance Box 8080 McKinney, TX
United Commercial Travelers Of America 632 N Park St Columbus, OH
United Healthcare PO Box 740800 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare PO Box 30555 Salt Lake City, UT
United Healthcare PO Box 30551 Salt Lake City, UT
United Healthcare Evercare Choice PO Box 659754 San Antonio, TX
United Medical Resources Inc PO Box 145804 Cincinnati, OH
United Teachers Assoc Ins PO Box 30010 Austin, TX
United World Life 3316 Farnam Street Omaha, NE
United Healthcare Box 659732 San Antonio, TX
United Healthcare Box 981502 El Paso, TX
United Healthcare PO Box 740803 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare PO Box 740802 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare Box 981504 El Paso, TX
United Healthcare PO Box 30884 Salt Lake City, UT
United Healthcare PO Box 30985 Salt Lake City, UT
United Healthcare PO Box 740801 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare PO Box 30557 Salt Lake City, UT
United Healthcare PO Box 740831 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare AARP PO Box 740818 Atlanta, GA
United Healthcare Empire Box 1600 Kingston, NY
United Healthcare Global Choice PO Box 869035 Plano, TX
United Healthcare PacifiCare PO Box 6099 Cypress, CA
University Physicians Healthcare Group PO Box 37279 Phoenix, AZ
USAA Life Ins Co 9800 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, TX
Veterans Admin NAVAHCS 500 N Hwy 89 Prescott, AZ
Veterans Administration 650 E Indian School Phoenix, AZ
VSP Box 997100 Sacramento, CA
Wells Fargo Insurance Services PO Box 99004 Anchorage, AK
Wells Fargo TPA PO Box 3262 Charleston, WV
Western Growers Assurance Trust Box 7240 Newport Beach, CA
Woodward Health Mutual Of Omaha Box 9 Woodward, OK
WPS PO Box 8190 Madison, WI
York Claims Insurance 25379 Wayne Mills Place Valencia, CA
Zenith Administrators 2001 Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ
Zurich Box 92566 Los Angeles, CA
Zurich American Ins Co 1400 American Ln Schaumburg, IL