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Goodby Wrinkles!

Botox has become very popular in recent year. Most people do not relize, for nearly twenty years, physicians have safely and successfully used Botox to control muscle twitching around the eye. Only until recent years has it been used for cosmetic purposes.

Since 1992, Dr. Brems has been using it. Botox works by blocking the action of the muscles responsible for frown lines or crow's feet, resulting in smoother skin around the eyes and/or forehead. A small amount is injected directly around the muscle. Within twenty-four to seventy-two hours the muscles relax and the wrinkles better.

Botox works best in those lines and wrinkles that are caused by muscles contracting under the skin surface like frown lines and crow's feet. Patients receiving Botox injections also report a decrease in tension headaches.

What Should I Expect?
Botox is injected with a very tiny needle. After Botox injection, the muscles will relax and the skin will smooth out over about 5 days. The effect usually lasts about three to four months, and can be repeated when needed.

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic "mini-treatments" today. This procedure can be done on a lunch break and requires no anesthesia or recovery. Overall, the vast majority of patients love this "quick fix" and return for a Botox boost as soon as the wrinkles begin to reappear!
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