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Dry Eyes

Why do my eyes feel this way?

Your eyes are a delicately balanced eco-system in which tears play a large and important role. Every time you blink, tears form a coating that protects and nourishes the eyes' surface. When tear production is reduced your eyes feel dry, scratchy and irritated. This is especially true in our dry Arizona climate. If you experience one or any combination of the following symptoms you may be suffering from the medical condition known as Dry Eye:

Burning and stinging
Gritty feeling Dryness
Sensitivity to bright lights

How is it treated?

The end goal of treatment is to have more tears around you eyes. There are three ways we can help. First, supplement your tears by using artificial tear drops. Second, keeping the tears around the eye longer by placing a plug in the drain tube in your eye lid. This is like putting a stopper in your kitchen sink and keeping the water around longer. Third, using a new medication (Restasis) that help to stimulate your own tear production.

Artificial tears - Can provide short term relief for patients with less severe dry eye. There are many different types of artificial tears. Ranging from watery drops to thick ointments. The watery drops have to be put in more frequently but do not blur the vision. The thick ointments last a long time but suffer from making the vision blurred. Most patient use one that is in the middle of the road like - Systane.
Punctum Plug - For long term relief plugs can be placed in the drainage tube in the eyelid. They have a high rate of success and can be inserted easily and painlessly. They are also reversible if needed. The idea behind punctum plugs is simple. Tiny, non-dissolvable plugs are inserted into your tear drainage ducts where they act as a dam. This duct normally takes the tears away from your eye into your nose. Therefore your precious tears have no place to go but onto the surface of your eye.
Restasis - This is a new medication that has made a significant improvement in patients with dry eye. The medication works by stimulating your own tear gland to produce more tears. You put the prescription eye drop in two times a day. After using it for a month or more the tear gland starts producing more tears. The biggest benefit is your own tear gland is best at keeping your eye moist consistently every day.

We use the above three general methods to treat your dry eye. Patients that have more severe dry eye may need all three to keep their eyes moist.