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CRSQA Certification

Dr. Brems Becomes a CRSQA Certified
Refractive Surgeon™

Only the best

Refractive surgeons certified by the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance must not only pass initial assessment, but must continue to be evaluated each fiscal quarter. You can be confident that a CRSQA certified refractive surgeon is one of the best refractive surgeons available.

A difficult and ongoing evaluation process
It is not easy to become a CRSQA certified refractive surgeon. A surgeon seeking certification must submit to close scrutiny. It is not any easier remaining certified, as afterward, the surgeon's first 1,000 procedures each fiscal year are evaluated against CRSQA's outcome requirements..

Under a microscope

With the acceptance of a surgeon's application, CRSQA verifies the surgeon's credentials. This includes personal history, professional history, license to practice, hospital privileges, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration certification, specialty board certification, residency completion, schooling, malpractice insurance claims history, National Physician Database history, Federation of State Medical Boards disciplinary history, sanctions against licensure, Medicaid sanctions, Medicare sanctions, American Medical Association profile, professional references, and more. Any patient complaints submitted through CRSQA's website are evaluated and considered.

Must have satisfactory performance history
If the surgeon's credentials are satisfactory, the surgeon must submit outcomes data to verify successful completion of 250 consecutive refractive procedures. These surgeries are verified by random audit. Only after all these requirements have been met can a surgeon become a CRSQA certified refractive surgeon.

Refractive surgeries are evaluated
After certification, CRSQA Certified Refractive Surgeons a must submit outcomes data to CRSQA on the first 1,000 refractive surgery procedures performed in each fiscal year. Information collected includes pre- and postoperative visual acuity and patient perception of satisfaction. This information is also verified by random audit.

Certification may be withdrawn
In the event a CRSQA certified refractive surgeon is found to be providing unsatisfactory refractive surgery outcomes, or otherwise falls outside of CRSQA standards, the surgeon will have certification withdrawn (after due process, of course.)

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